The Ugly Marketing Truth

This is the promise that we made to each of the attendees at my first Private Legal Marketing Academy attendees on the first day.

We promise to tell you the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the ugly TRUTH about how horrible your current marketing actually is—and how it is killing your business.  We promise to give you tough-love marketing advise.  We promise that we won’t sugar-coat anything.

We promise that the TRUTH will embarrass you and may even hurt your feelings.  We promise that the TRUTH of how much you don’t know will make you feel like a complete idiot.  We promise that this meeting is going to be painful.

We also promise to TRUTHfully answer all of your marketing questions.  When you leave this two-day meeting you will know exactly what you need to do to begin to take responsibility for your own marketing.  And you will have a clear roadmap and action plan for what needs to be done to begin to make meaningful changes.

The TRUTH is….the rest is up to you.