Date: March 17-18, 2017
Event: Foster Web Marketing Academy, Fairfax, VA
Organization: Foster Web Marketing Academy, Fairfax, VA
Presentation: KPI to ROI: Measuring The Success of Your Marketing Programs

Date: August 10, 2015
Event: Webinar
Organization: We Do Web Content
Presentation: De-Classified: 13 Lawyer Advertising Company Secrets

Date: October 30, 2013
Event: Online CLE
Organization: American Bar Association
Presentation Title: Protect Your Practice Website: Is Your Firm At Risk After Google’s Penguin 2.0 Algorithm Change

Date: July 2013
Event: Video Interview
Organization: Law Firm Marketing Magazine
Presentation: Building a Law Firm Public Relations Program

Date:  May 2012
Event:  Avvocating 2012: Legal Marketing in the Era of Social Media
Organization: Avvo
Presentation Title: Social Media Panel Discussion

Date: October 2012
Event: Three Days To Success Meeting
Presentation: Media Relations Basics

Date: October 2009
Event: Top Practices Marketing & Magahemdnt Summit
Organization: Top Practices
Presentations: Marketing With Facebook

Date: June 2009
Event: Great Legal Marketing SuperConference
Organization: Great Legal Marketing

  • How your website and blog are the launching pad of your entire Internet marketing strategy -Tom Foster, Mischele Davis/George Murphy
  • Promoting Yourself on the Internet – Tom Foster /George Murphy/Mischelle Davis
  • Internet Marketing Roundtable – Tom Foster/ Mischelle Davis/George Murphy/Dave Frees

Date: June 2008
Event: Great Legal Marketing SuperConference
Organization: Great Legal Marketing
Presentation: What We’ve Been Doing For The Past Year; What We Will Do Next – Chris & Mischelle Davis

Date: April 14, 2008
Event: Legal Marketing Webinar
Organization: Great Legal Marketing
Discussion: Legal Marketing Success Stories

Date: October 2002
Event: Trends/Best Practices
Organization: American Marketing Association
Discussion: Introduction To Email Marketing

Date: October 2002
Organization: Marketing Profs University
Discussion: New Rules For Direct Marketing

Date: March 1998
Event: Support Services Conference and Expo
Presentation: Web-based Tech Support For Technology Companies