Who Are The Legal Marketing ‘Experts’?

Just About Anybody Can Call Themselves An ‘Expert’

There are some excellent legal marketing companies and consultants out there.  Folks who have skills, experience and, most importantly, integrity.  But those legal marketing professionals are not as common as you might think.

You are an attorney.  You are supposed to do your due diligence.  You are supposed to know how to get to the truth.  But have you?

Have you ever taken the time to closely examine the credentials of those who claim to be legal marketing ‘experts’?  I mean REALLY taken a hard look at their background and the source of their ‘expertise’.

Here are the three basic types of legal marketing experts.  Self-proclaimed gurus; fast-talkers; and mega franchise firms.

Self-Proclaimed Gurus

Does this sound familiar? “I am a lawyer, just like you.  I feel your pain.  I have been there.  I have cracked the code.  I’ll share the secrets with you.”   These are the lawyers turned markers. They come in six flavors:

  • The attorney who can make more money selling himself as a marketing expert than he can as a lawyer (he can’t get new clients for his own firm but he can convinces you that he can teach you how to attract clients).
  • The attorney that needs to supplement his income (because the law firm isn’t making him rich) so he starts a marketing business (selling leads, selling advertising, etc.) on the side.
  • The guy who is just not very good at being a lawyer (rules, deadlines, etc.) and thinks that being a marketing guru is more fun.
  • The aging, attorney who can’t really afford to fully retire so he starts selling himself as a legal marketing consultant–because he is older, tells good stories, and seems to know what he is talking about.
  • The unethical lawyer who has been disbarred, needs a new career and ‘marketing expert’ is an easy business to get into.  You’d be surprised how many of these guys are out there.  I can’t believe more people haven’t done a simple bar association search to dig this information up.
  • The lawyer that’s bored with the business of law and wants to try something different.

I ask you, if any of the above had unlocked the secrets to successfully attracting clients and big cases do you really think they’d be sharing that information instead of keeping the secret to themselves?

Of course they wouldn’t!!!  What’s that old saying about those who can’t do?

The Fast Talkers

Then there are the guys that can use marketing buzz words and technology jargon to daze and confuse an attorney into giving them thousands of dollars.  They are the non-lawyers who may know nothing about the inner-workings of a law firm or what legal services consumers are actually looking for but they can easily capitalize on the ignorance and fear of attorneys who know nothing about hardware/software technologies; the internet; digital marketing; video production; website design; buying TV and radio advertising; etc.  I firmly believe that theses fast-talkers literally say to themselves, “lawyers are stupid and have deep pockets, what can I sell them?”

Mega Franchise Law Firms

Finally, there are a number of mega law firms that position themselves as sharing firm management and marketing systems but are really selling  what amounts to law firm franchises–big fees for systems, regular classes/seminars for staff, advertising production, media buying, etc.

Do Your Due Diligence

Do yourself a big favor.  Before you hire anyone to provide legal marketing services or to be your legal marketing coach take the time to research their background, credentials, and references.  Dig.  Go beyond what they say about themselves on their website.  Go beyond the testimonials posted on their website.

And if they say, “One big case can more than pay for entire cost of my [conference/program/tool kit/services].”  Then come back here and read this article:
One Good Case Will Pay For It All: The #1 Most Misleading Message That Legal Marketing Salespeople Use On Attorneys

As I said at the beginning of this article, there are some excellent legal marketing companies and consultants out there. Folks who have skills, experience and, most importantly, integrity. But those legal marketing professionals are not as common as you might think.

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