Speaking At Legal Marketing Seminars & Conferences

As I have mentioned in other articles on this site, in years past I was a frequent speaker at legal marketing conferences and regular guest on coaching calls and webinars.   Although I received a great deal of personal enjoyment out of teaching and helping others,  the fact is I get a much greater return on the investment of my time if I focus my energy and attention on marketing my husband’s law firm and managing the PR for some of his high-profile cases which are frequently featured on the news.

All the time I would spend preparing, speaking and then taking follow-up “can I pick your brain” calls was time that, financially, is better spent working for  Davis Law Group.

Where will I get more ROI on my time?  Forty hours spent providing content for someone else’s marketing conference 40 hours that I could have spent attracting new cases to my husband’s law firm.  I can’t really state it more simply.

Speaking at seminars required me to spend a great deal of time preparing presentations.  Each conference required days out of the office.  And post-conference I would be inundated with phone calls from conference attendees that need more specific one-on-one help with their marketing.  All of that was a big distraction.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>But I love helping others and I get huge satisfaction from teaching people how to take control of their marketing so they can reach their personal and financial goals.  Heck, it’s just plain fun!  More fun than sitting in an office all day.  But why should I work for free and allow someone else to grown their marketing business by giving my expertise away for free?

Unaffiliated Mastermind Groups: A Better Use Of My Time

I have found that by being a leading member of a high-functioning mastermind group is a great way for me to satisfy my desire to share my knowledge and expertise.  At the same time being a member of a mastermind stimulates my marketing thought-processes and reinvigorates my excitement for marketing.  And, if I am with the right group of people, I get the opportunity to learn from the successes of the other group members rather than just be a teacher.

Legal Marketing Brain Trust™

I am not talking about your average mastermind group.  Read my post on The Big Problem With Most Legal Mastermind Groups.  I am talking about a group that is made up of law firms that are marketing at level that is elevated beyond that of typical firms.  I am talking about a Legal Marketing Brain Trust™.

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